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I am blown away by their fast delivery, low prices and their customer service. As a new customer I placed a $100+ order and chose standard ground shipping. My order arrived via UPS the next day. Two subsequent orders were also delivered in one day. Prices, including shipping were cheaper vs Home Depot and the insulation was higher quality (Owens Corning) vs. Frost King

~Google Trusted Store Survey Participant

I sent them some questions before purchasing and they responded right away with good suggestions and great advice. I ordered my stuff on a Thursday at 3PM and it was at my door by Friday at 6:30. Everything was perfect. I highly recommend this company.

~Google Trusted Store Survey Participant

Don't bother with the local big name stores. Shipping is so fast, cheap and convenient, that ordering on line is a no brainer. The product surpasses my comparison of locally available insulation supplies.  Overall a great source for DIY's.


I originally turned to BuyInsulationProducts.com when my local plumbing & heating supply store didn't have the 1" thick pipe insulation I was looking for.  I should've checked here first, as BuyInsulationProducts.com had not only a great selection but the best prices I could find online. Even after shipping, it was cheaper than my local store and my order arrived 2nd day!  I'll be using BuyInsulationProducts.com for all of my future needs and I recommend you do the same.

~ Daniel

Larchmont, NY

I bought an older house which had asbestos removed from the heating pipes in the cellar.  The first winter in the new house, we noticed the cellar was unusually warm due to the pipes being bare.  I went to **** (*home improvent store) and bought fiberglass pipe insulation and put it on the pipes.  The temperature dropped some but not enough for my liking.  After researching pipe insulation online  I found your site (*Buy Insulation Products).  I was unaware that there were different thicknesses of pipe insulation because **** only carries 1/2".  I wrote an email to customer service and asked a few questions about thicknesses and the customer service rep replied back to me answering all my questions and even told me what size to order so I could fit the new pipe insulation over the existing insulation so I wouldnt have to remove it.  I added 1" thick to my existing 1/2" so now I have 1-1/2" of insulation on the piping.  The temperature dropped dramatically due to the increase in insulation thickness along with all of the seams being taped up (**** didnt provide tape) and all of the turns were insulated with the pvc covers (not sold at ****).  I recommend BuyInsulationProducts.com because of their customer service and quality of their material.  The fiberglass pipe insulation I received from BuyInsulationProducts.com is far superior than what you can find at ****.

~ William

Stoneham, MA

I just moved into a new home and my drum room was relegated to the unfinished basement.  The walls are concrete, the ceiling is barely 7 foot and my drums sounded horrible.  I finally broke down and decided to buy sound panels to fix the issue but  I couldn't believe how expensive they were!!  $65 for 1 panel is crazy!  So that idea was done for a while and I stopped playing drums until I read about building your own sound panels which then led me to your store.  I bought 2 boxes of the 703 fiberglass (our Owens Corning 703 Fiberglass Board) and after two weekends I made 12 sound panels for the price of about 3 of the premade ones.  These panels really do work very nicely and I highly recommend them along with the impaling spikes.

~ Rich


I was having a contractor remove my old boiler which I knew I couldn't do myself, but after finding your site, I decided to take a look at the cost of the pipe insulation that I was planning on having the same contractor install to help reduce the amount of oil I use.  I found that the material plus shipping came out to around $150 while the contractor was adding $350 to his estimate!  So I ordered from your site and it's funny because the packages arrived about a week before that contractor came to do the work, so I had to hide the boxes because I had told them that I changed my mind about insulating the piping.  Thank you again for all the help, and I have sent your link to a few of my friends that I have told this story to.

~ Dennis

Bowling Green, MO

I had trouble with figuring out what size fiberglass pipe insulation I needed to order because the pipes were so old and did not have numbers on them.  I read your article on how to measure the outside with string and match that number to the pipe size to order in the chart.  I wanted to let you know that the insulation fit perfectly.  I couldn't be happier with your business.

~ Richard B.

Chicago, Illinois 

Finding Buy Insulation Products online has really improved my ability to guarantee that I will have material for each job.  I place the order during the week and I have it in time for Saturday work.  Thanks guys for all your help.

~ Robert, Steamfitter

Urbandale, Iowa

I am very pleased with your service, products, and now your attention in this matter. I have already recommended you to 2 other colleagues, (I'm not sure if they used you yet, but I know they checked out the web site) and will check back with you for more material when the next project comes up.

~ Steve

Port Authority of NY/NJ

Good company with excellent service. They make ordering easy with all the tables and charts.  I always feel confident that I am ordering the correct products and if I have a question, somebody responds right away.  Fast shipping is a big plus.

~ Earl

Dodge City, Kansas

What a great website.  I searched for a site to buy pipe insulation and found many sites not selling the materials online.  I also called a few suppliers and they didn't want to bother with my "small" order.  I am happy that I found your site at last.

~ Jimmy

New Jersey

I had a problem with the building department in my town over a bathroom I added in my two car garage.  They failed my inspections twice before I contacted the site and the service rep sent me all the documentation for the caulk and pipe collars I bought to provide to the fire inspector.  I finally passed and am relieved this hassle is over.

~ Clyde


I couldn't believe that I placed my order on Thursday and I received it on Friday Morning!  Your customer service is great, and I only wished all the other stores I buy from online shipped as fast as you guys!

 ~ Jennifer S.

Stafford, CT

Knowing next to nothing about pipe insulation sizing and installation, I had lots of questions before buying.  I sent an email and within an hour or so had a detailed response from a customer service representative answering everything I had asked.  He walked me through the best (and cheapest) way to accomplish what I wanted and replied just as promptly and completely to the follow-up emails I sent.  Not only did I get the right products for my job at the lowest price I could find, but I also learned quite a bit in the meantime.  I'll definitely use Buy Insulation Products for any future insulation work!

~ Jeremy

Framingham, MA

I had been doing my research about insulating the hot water pipes for my baseboard heat, and went to a couple of the local hardware stores that had a poor selection of only a few small sizes.  They also only had a half of an inch thick fiberglass insulation available.  When I asked a couple of the employees, they really didn't know much about insulating pipes, and kept giving me the run around to different employees to see if anyone had any answers.  I searched online and found your site, and through the chat online thing (*Our Live Online Chat), I spoke to a very helpful employee who told me everything I needed to know.  I wound up using one inch thick insulation which seemed a lot nicer than what the other stores had.  I was worried that ordering it online would take a long time, but my insulation shipped that afternoon and I got it in two days from the day I ordered.  Overall, your site was more helpful talking online than it was face to face with the employees at the hardware stores I visited.  Thank you again.




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